Jefferson County Foster Children's Fund

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Our Programs


Newborn Layettes

When a newborn or young infant comes into foster care, it's often directly from the hospital, but sometimes it's just a few weeks or months after their discharge. These infants rarely have any clothing or supplies to bring with them for their care and we recognize the need for these items.  We offer a newborn layette to our foster parents or kinship families when they've suddenly found themselves the foster parent of a brand newborn or young infant. The supplies for the infant are tucked neatly into a new roomy diaper bag and consists of almost everything an infant needs!

Individual Scholarships

There are times when a child in foster care is in need of additional services or assistance.  The foster parent communicates this with the child's case manager, who then coordinates this need with us so we can assist in covering the monetary amount that's needed for the request.

Birthday Club

The is a brand new program that we've begun and are very excited about!  Through the generosity of community donations, we're able to provide birthday gifts to the foster children of Jefferson County and lessen the load a little for our foster parents.  Foster parents can request this service by utilizing the form on the Birthday Club tab.

Tutoring and Literacy

Literacy, sadly, is one of the biggest struggles of all school aged children in the US today.  When a child has problems reading or comprehending, it adds to their life struggles that sometimes carry through to adulthood. This effects them throughout their lives.  We want to help make a difference. 

This program has not yet begun but we hope to have it underway sometime in 2018. The goal of this program will be to offer tutoring from licensed teachers and providers to lessen the struggles some of our foster children deal with in their classes each day and as they grow through their school years. We'll also be linking children who have problems in other types of classes to the proper tutors and providers to help them.


Easter Egg Hunt

Each April, we offer the foster children of our county their very own Easter Egg hunt. Easter baskets for the children that attend are supplied by the hard working fundraising events of the Girl Scouts of America Eastern Region.

Foster Parent Picnic

This is geared to be just a fun and eventful day for our county's foster children. We often have businesses in our community that come to offer an activity, such as Home Depot and Walgreens.  Many of our community businesses donate their products and funds to support take-away gifts and prizes for each of the children.  They play carnival games, get their faces painted, play with other children, and many other things.

School Supply Giveaway

It rolls around every August, like clockwork....the first day of school! Imagine not having a parent to help you purchase the necessary school supplies that you'd need for your school day.  Not having these supplies greatly hinders the children's productivity and learning ability, and can be embarrassing to them.  We help take that stress and worry away by providing these supplies to the Jefferson County Foster Children.

Foster Care Holiday Party

Each December, we host a large scale Holiday party for the children in foster care where everyone gets a delicious catered meal.  The children each get a great gift, as well as blankets, toys, hats/gloves/scarves, clothing, and much more. There are games for them to play and get prizes, as well as interactive things.  And the one, the only, Santa Claus is there for a visit to show his love and joy to the county's foster children, where they get a gift directly from the North Pole and their picture taken with him.  It really is, 'the event of the year!'